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Maybe we're crazy, but we think that everyone should control their own destiny. That means people who are serious about higher education and/or job training programs should be able to attend, regardless of how much money their parents make. Bisota is here to make these beliefs a reality. 

Bisota is a new kind of finance company that offers innovative solutions to make your life better. We put you in control of your own future by providing Income Share Agreements that give you money for school or a job training program, and offer flexible repayments that let you manage repayment. Plus, there's no debt and no student loans involved. All we ask is that you share some of your success with us when you can afford it.


Students come first at Bisota. That's why we offer Minimum Income Protections that ensure students don't make payments unless they can afford to. We also have Payment Caps that limit the total amount that students can pay back, and have buyout clauses that allow students to terminate their Income Share Agreement early.

We help people achieve their dreams while maintaining financial control and peace of mind. We finance tons of different programs, at lots of different schools, including junior colleges, community colleges, stand-alone vocational training programs, and much more. 


Our ultimate goal is for you to recommend us to a friend or family member, and we do everything we possibly can to make you happy. We don't want you to be surprised by anything, so we don't charge any fees and our contracts don't have any fine print. 


Explore our website, learn more, and come be a part of Bisota today! It's never been easier to get an Income Share Agreement. 

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