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We're A Different Kind of Finance Company

What Makes Us Different?


We're Glad You Asked.

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We're Digital

Doing everything online makes everything faster, easier, and more efficient. Efficiency means less of your time and less of your money.

We're Innovative

We're willing to try new things, like providing students with debt-free financing for school and job training. Or trusting our customers enough to give them control over repayments.

We're Reliable

We believe in our students, and make ourselves available to help them however we can. We always do what we say we're going to do, and are proud of the confidence our customers have in us. 

We're Transparent

There's no fine print and we're straightforward about everything, so you know exactly what to expect and there's no surprises. In fact, every applicant is required to discuss their contract with a company representative before they can sign anything. Like we said, no surprises.

Our Commitment

Customer Comes First

We invest in you, so we do everything we possibly can to help you succeed. We know you could do it on your own, but we still want to help. We strive to be as supportive and accommodating as possible, and to always surpass your expectations. 

Do The Right Thing

We always seek to do right by our students and their families, and take pride in our integrity. We see ourselves as developing ethical and responsible ways to improve people's lives and create value, and we think the best way to run a business is by treating people the right way.  

Help Future Generations 

The money you pay back helps future students get the same debt-free financing opportunities, and helps assure access to education and job training in the future. It's called sustainability, and we think its pretty cool.  

Financial Inclusion

We don't care where you come from or how much money your parents make, and we don't think those things should have any bearing on your future. If you're serious about finishing college or a job training program, then we want to be in business with you.

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