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Understanding Monthly Payments

Your Monthly Payments Will Vary With An Income Share Agreement. 

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The future is uncertain, but unexpected things will occur. You may change careers, get fired, take time off to start a family, travel, or do something else that impacts your career.

With a student loan, you'll have fixed monthly payments for the next 20-25 years. These payments won't change, and you'll get in trouble if you don't pay them. Millions of people turn down their dream job, put off starting a family, or make other major decisions because they need money to repay their student loans. Don't let student loans dictate your life. Take control with an Income Share Agreement from Bisota, and get the freedom that comes with the ability to make decisions without thinking about your student loans.

Income Share Agreement v. Student Loan 

Monthly payments for student loans always stay the same. But with an Income Share Agreement your monthly payments adapt to your income. So if you don't make a lot of money, or if you just hit a temporary rough patch, an Income Share Agreement gives you protection unavailable through a student loan. If you do make a ton of money, then you might pay more with an Income Share Agreement than you would through a student loan (but you'll be able to afford it). 


The percentage of your income that you owe is determined by how much funding you receive from Bisota. The calculator below let's you see your Income Share at various funding levels, and compare monthly payments for an Income Share Agreement and a student loan.

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Income Share & Repayment Calculator


Maximum 40,000 $

Input an amount

Choose a Type of

Income Share Agreement


Income Share


Estimated Monthly Payment for Income Share Agreement


Then Provide

Annual Income


Or Select

Your Occupation


Average Monthly Payment
for Student Loan


Selecting an occupation from the drop-down menu will set your annual income equal to the median annual income for that job

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